Ballistic Protection Plate

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The ARX Ballistic Protection Plate (BPP) System is the global market leader adopted by international Oil Majors and the largest Ship Managers as a primary layer of ballistic protection for commercial vessels
The BPP System is a robust, ballistic and permanent non-lethal defensive solution that protects vessels from high volocity
It's a ballistic steal modular system that straps to the guard rail of any existing ship, offering complete protection by preventing ballistic rounds, high veolcity, and blast impacts

S500 is a low alloyed ballistic protection steel
Low carbon and manganese content paired with its carefully controlled heating, rolling, cooling and heat treatment sequences give S500 its good combination of hardness, Rp0,2 /Rm ratio, elongation, weldability, bending and ballistic protection ability

The hardness is measured according to DIN EN ISO 6506-1
The measurement takes place 1 mm underneath the plate surface
S500 reaches hardness values between 477 and 535 HB.

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