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Experience and Engineering
Liftek waterbags are Engineered from Experience. These are fabricated based on the experience of numerous crane load tests done for more than 20 years.
Manufacturing Standards
Manufactured in-house in Liftek's custom built facility to DNV certified ISO 9001 system.
Working Load Limit (WLL)
WLL of Liftek Waterbags range from 0.25MT to 110MT.
Material Construction
Constructed from 1450gsm heavy duty UV-stabilized, PVC coated PE fabric. This offers the ideal combination of strength for load-tests, flexibility for storage and handling & durability for long-life.
Discharge Options
Liftek waterbags come with 2 options for discharging the water after usage, traditional and OP/CP Valve discharge mechanism.
OP/CP Valve Discharge Mechanism
The OP/CP Valve option enables the Open/Close control of the waterbag discharge by an easy single-pull of the rope and does not require a separate discharge hose to be installed.
Lifting Set FOS
The Lifting Set of all Liftek waterbags up to 55MT have a minimum FOS of 6:1 and 5:1 for 110MT.
Proof Load Testing
Lifting Set components of all Liftek Waterbags are proof loaded to 2 x WLL.
Replaceable Components
Lifting Set components that are worn or damaged are easily removable and replaced. Damaged fabric can be fixed with our Repair Kit.

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