Peat Oil Absorbent – Cleansorb Peat

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Repels water and absorbs oil which is not released back into the environment. Absorbs a wide range of hydrocarbons including Petrol, Engine Oil, Diesel, Paraffin, Gearbox Oil, Differential Oil, Grease, Brake Fluid, Turpentine, Crude Oil, HFO, Vegetable Oil, Oil Paints, Coal Tars, Inks, Fatty Acid, Toluene, Acetone. Non-leaching, therefore, absorbed oil is retained until it biodegrades naturally by the bacteria contained in any bio-active soil. Used every day in factories, on ships, transporters, ports, refineries, power stations, steel mills, fire departments and water authorities.

Typical absorption times:

  • Petrol/gasoline - 2 seconds
  • Gasoil - 5 seconds
  • Engine oil - 20 seconds
  • Light crude - 60 seconds
  • Heavy crude - 90 seconds

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