Emergency Evacuation Breathing Device

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Emergency evacuation breathing device. Certified according to: ISO 23269-1:2008, FSS 3 2.2. Approved for marine use according to: (MED 96/98 EC – SOLAS 1974 11-2 / 13.3.4)

Features of Emergency evacuation breathing device:
  • Made from fire retardant and high strength materials
  • Reliable manufacturing with low maintenance cost
  • Full face-hood mask, neck sealed
  • Wide vision through the mask
  • Refilling capability of the cylinder tank with no adaptor use
  • Working temperature from -10°C to 60°C

 EEBD contains:
  • Special bag for transport and protection, made from high strength material
  • Hooded face mask made from material of high visibility
  • Compressed air cylinder tank with 3L capacity made from alloy steel
  • Air flow regulator valve with gauge

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