ABaC Barrier

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The ARX Anti-Boarding & Climbing (ABaC) Barrier is an innovative defensive solution to prevent unwanted personnel (using ladders, poles and ropes) from boarding a vessel
Sustainable and cost-effective denial of access Maritime Security solution used to protect commercial sea vessels passing through High Risk Areas
Manufactured to the highest standard using rotational moulding method for long term durability and usage
Unique patented design that allows for each unit to be self-installed with speed and strapped to vessel guardrail
Fend plate design along with innovative ribbed surface will repel hooked ladders and climbing poles to defeat rope based climbing systems

Barrier Standards:
ASTM D 1238, 792, 638, 790, 2240. U. V Stabilised stable weather, Low Warpage, Copolymer, Chemical Resistance, Enviromental Stress Crack Resistance. Fire resistant to EN 1925-2. EN12 195-2